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Server Hosting

Service Overview

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Server Hosting Service is server rental service to provide server which is directly connected into KT IDC internet
backbone network for customers does not have their own server.

Class of Service

Class of Service
Hosting Service Rental service provide server which is directly connected into KT IDC internet backbone network and also provide optimal server operation and technical support
Rental Service Rental service provides server and network equipment to olleh Biz IDC service user in monthly rate basis
Economy Service
  • Customized service provides server hosting for less then 1 year to existing and new user of Server Hosting or Co-Location service
  • Service which can be applied by Customer or Business Owner can choice and apply server through IDC homepage
Parking Service Provide rack or network to install. manage server to the server owner among server hosting service customers
Server Operation
Provide system monitoring, management, maintenance and related consulting on behalf of customers by KT’s experts, excellent facility, equipment and network resources in the areas of customer’s IT system and equipment for Server Hosting(including rentals) service user in Yeongdong IDC
Server Selling Service that selling server and related equipment by collaboration between domestic/ foreign distinguished manufacturers (HP, IBM, DELL, eSlim) and KT for KT IDC customer


서비스 대상 안내
Small Internet
Business Owner
Individual business owner or Small Business who has business item but does not have system related knowledge or computing system equipment/environment
Contents Provider Contents provider who needs high-speed access speed to provide internet portal service, P2P, game, internet broadcast, education (web hosting, search engine, internet broadcast provider, etc)
Enterprises Computing
Center Outsourcing
  • Enterprises wants cost saving by Computing Center outsourcing
  • Enterprises facing difficulties on establishing or managing their own Computing Center environment

Network Diagram

Server Hosting Network Diagram

Server Hosting service Application Introduction

Service Application Additional Service

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