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Services : nation’s largest network facility having 8 iccs in throughout nations

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MSP Overview

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MSP(Management Service Provider)

IT outsourcing service that customer outsources management of IT system and overall computer room infra resources to KT and be provided monitoring tool rental, IT infra management, maintenance, relocation service, consulting and the other services by KT’s professional manpower, facility, equipment and network resource.

  • Support stable service implementation
  • Optimal system condition
  • Manages professionals in a variety
    of areas
  • Reliable tool
  • Provide information accurately and
  • Remote control management function
  • Customer oriented point solution
  • Systemized maintenance
  • Fast and stable maintenance
  • Optimal maintenance co-work system
  • Guarantees sustainable business
  • Manpower with full of experiences
  • Applies reasonable methodology
  • Customer information system
    first protection


  • Enterprise wants to maximize the use of IT resource and reduce operation cost
  • Enterprise needs stable system operation such as fast trouble shooting
  • Enterprise wants to focus on their core business
  • Enterprise wants to have professional operation manpower
  • Enterprise considering relocation of system in user
  • Enterprise needs responsible operation management of IT resource
  • Enterprise want to efficiently response to fast changes of IT system
  • Enterprise reviewing change of IT operation management system

Key features of Service

Key features of Service
Customized Service
  • Optimized IT outsourcing methodology upon customer demand level
  • Various service form alternatives
One-stop Integrated Service
  • Integrated All-In-One commitment service by single integrated management system
  • Total service of IDC, NW, operation, maintenance, security and the others in overall business area
Advanced Operation
Management Service
  • Realization of advanced operation management in global level by adapting ITIL based ITSM system
24*365 Monitoring by Experts
  • Qualified elite experts stationed in the IDC
Provide the best Infra base
  • One-stop management of IT infra, network and system
  • The only building for large scale premium data center (KT IDC) in Seoul area
  • Stability-guaranteed in the highest level
    (Certified the minimum infra failure in the nation)

MSP Service Application Introduction

Service Application

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