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Facility and Management


Facility Status

Power supply

  • Dualization of hydroelectricity / electric supply /power
    distribution facilities
  • 1st UPS (Full redundant, Backup time : 60min) for 24/7
    uninterruptible power supply
  • 2nd STS for 24/7 uninterruptible poser supply
  • 3rd power production facilities for emergency power
  • Power management by customer through molded-case
    circuit breaker (MCCB) for individual rack
  • Security ground(Rack, Cable Tray, switch board / panel
    board, Access floor, etc) and communication ground
    (Server Rack, Raised Floor System)

Power supply Facility image

Power supply Facility Zoom


  • Load designed building structure and access floor
    can accommodate large computer system (H=600mm)
  • Prevention of interference and disruption through
    separation of Communication / Power supply /
    Grounding Tray
  • Provide secure rack, cage, back-up tape storage which
    can accommodate various customer facilities
  • Lighting facility providing 300~500 Lux in average

Rack Facility image

Rack Facility zoom


  • Provide rack facility and optimal constant temperature
    and humidity(constant temperature:18℃ ~ 26℃,
    constant humidity:30%~60%)
  • Air conditioning for each rack by down flow system

Air Conditioning Facility image

Air Conditioning Facility zoom


  • Automatic fire detection facility (in the ceiling, under the
    access floor) and emergency alert facility
  • Uncombustible fire equipment
    (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon mixture)
  • Nonflammable interior material
  • Portable gas extinguisher / arrangement of package
    type gas extinguisher in Server room and UPS room

Fire-Fighting Facility image

Fire-Fighting Facility zoom

Customer Convenience Facility

Convenience Business Environment

  • OP RoomOP Room image
  • Customer
    Customer Waiting room image
  • Customer
    Customer Meeting Room image

Comfortable ComfortableWorking Environment

  • Training
    Training Room image
  • Customer
    Customer Lounge image
  • Customer
    Customer Sleeping Room image


Management Status

Facility and

  • Access monitoring and auto tracking by closed circuit
  • Monitor using sensor such as temperature sensor,
    vibration sensor, damage sensor and exercise sensor
  • Only pre-registered customers can access using
    fingerprint verification, card reader, alert device
  • Aim at perfect management by central control of power
    supply, firefighting, network and access control

Facility and Security Management image

Facility and Security Management zoom


  • Before/after management by customer history management
  • Real-time monitoring of Network / Server
  • Customer response by running Help Desk

Customer Management image

Customer Management zoom

Cyber Security

  • Keeping consistent security policy for customer facility and information protection
    by integrated control to individual solutions
  • Provide preventive security trainings such as security consulting, security training,
  • Firewall, hacking detection, virus detection, broadcast control
  • Provide thorough preparation for customer’s facility and trustful security service
    or 24 hours
  • Prevention of security accident and possibility for accidents through periodic integrity
    check and vulnerability check
  • Contingency plans by riposte, violation simulation and recurrence prevention
    by backtracking
  • Thorough data back up and restore to prevent hacking and customer facility damage
  • Thorough customer oriented security policy by providing individual firewall by customers
  • Insurance covers maximum KRW 2,000,000,000 per accident by customers

Data Back-up

  • Adjustable back-up volume, back-up cycle, back-up time upon customer demand
  • Using certified back-up equipment to assure back-up stability
  • High speed back-up to minimize server load and assure data stability
  • Thorough monitoring on back-up jobs to minimize problem and provide
    immediate action on problems
  • Provide convenience by operating separate back up tape storage

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