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Welcome Message

The Best Korea Internet Hub, olleh biz IDC

Welcome to the olleh biz IDC homepage.

Information-oriented society has been changed many parts of our life rapidly based on the internet.
Now we cannot image the world without internet,
and the changing momentum has been accelerating changes toward to the next generation information oriented society at this very moment. Background of this change, there were KT IDC that has been provide optimal server system environment and fast & stable internet network from 90’s which was period of internet growth.

KT IDC constantly innovated to become a familiar partner of customers’ business and first in the world, succeed commercialization of the ICS (Internet Computing Service) which is leading global companies has been tried to develop. By this success, we newly started with IDC that surpasses the limit of IDC which didn’t fully meet customer needs.

In the future, KT IDC will act as a hub of enterprise’s information circulation and IT outsourcing based on the KT’s best technical skills and the cutting-edge infra. And as a core infra, KT IDC will lead future societies’ new growth industry such as a next generation mobile communication, home networking, media and digital contents.

Also, to be a real global leader, KT IDC will not stop changing and challenging to provide better service and will be an IDC that always be with customers.

Thank you for all your interest and support.

KT IDC Family

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